1. You can put on your pajamas as soon as you get home because Horton’s delivers!
  2. You can order online.
  3. Cooking is hard, and the thought of pulling out pots and pans is exhausting.
  4. You’ve been working all day and just want to relax.
  5. You’re really craving some boneless wings.
  6. You’ve been dying to try the Bacon Cheeseburger pizza.
  7. Maybe you’re craving the Meatball Lover’s pizza
  8. Or maybe you’re in the mood to nosh on your old, reliable– Pepperoni pizza
  9. Ordering pizza means you don’t have to leave your house all night.
  10. Pizza is affordable.
  11. Your kids are picky eaters, but who can turn down a slice of pizza?
  12. It’s a great way to tell that special someone that you love them.
  13. Ordering pizza requires hardly any clean up.
  14. Apple dessert pizza and cinnamon & sugar breadsticks compliment any dish.
  15. You can never have too much pizza.
  16. You can appease Cousin Susie because Horton’s has plenty of fresh vegetable toppings to create your own vegetarian style pizza.
  17. You’re sick of improvising in the kitchen, and can’t put your family through another experimental recipe tonight.
  18. Because who doesn’t love a good ziti pasta bake?
  19. Pizza is good for you—Italian researchers have determined that pizza can help fight cancer https://www.webmd.com/cancer/news/20030721/pizza-prevents-cancer#1
  20. You’re not in the mood for the extra clean up.
  21. If you strategically plan your toppings, pizza can be its own food group.
  22. Your kids are having friends over after school and pizza is the perfect way to feed a group.
  23. The perfectly baked crust, crushed tomato sauce base, and all the cheesy goodness is enough to make your mouth water.
  24. Maybe you want Mexican food? Good thing we have a Taco Pizza.
  25. You probably have a coupon lying around somewhere.
  26. You have your choice of plenty of different side dishes—from salads to breadsticks to hot wings.
  27. You can order a sandwich, too.
  28. And the Chicken Bacon Ranch sub is really, really good.
  29. On the off chance you have a crazy family member who doesn’t enjoy pizza, you could order burgers, chicken strips, and corn dogs instead.
  30. Because sometimes you have a problem that only ‘The Horton’ can solve. If you have a day that can’t be turned around by beef, sausage, Canadian bacon, pepperoni, Italian sausage, onions, jalapenos, mozzarella AND cheddar cheese, we feel bad for ya, son.
  31. We offer a gluten free crust.
  32. Horton’s has five locations to choose from, making ordering easier and faster than ever.
  33. Pizza pairs great with any life event.
  34. Because you deserve some pizza!
  35. One word: leftovers.
  36. You can pick up a Horton’s Pizza Plus onesie for the tiny tot in your life.
  37. And a hoodie for those cold winter months.
  38. You can basically do your Christmas shopping at Horton’s.
  39. Because you just really love pizza.
  40. And you just really love Horton’s.


Hungry yet? Give Horton’s Pizza Plus a call today at one of our five locations: Joplin, MO, Carl Junction, MO, Arma, KS, Pittsburg, KS, or Parsons, KS for your favorite pizza joint!

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