Admit it: at some point in your life (maybe now) pizza has been your favorite food. From late night
binging to next morning leftovers, pizza really offers all you could want in a food, and sometimes we just
crave it.

But what is it about pizza that makes people write songs, create clothing, and go to museums dedicated
or inspired by pizza?

According to a new study done by the University of Michigan, published in the US National Library of
Medicine, found that in a study using a sample of 504 students, pizza came out #1 in foods that caused
people to display addictive tendencies, due to the casomorphins which stimulate opiod receptors, which
are receptors involved in pain control and reward.

So, next time you can’t fight off the craving for Horton’s Pizza, just place your order at one of our five
locations in Missouri and Kansas, and know that you can blame science for your Horton’s Pizza

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