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It’s All About The Food

No matter the reason for a party, food is always involved. Food has the ability to bring friends and family together unlike anything else. Horton’s Pizza Plus realizes the satisfaction and enjoyment that can come from gathering people and wants to help you make the...

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Horton’s: We Have Food for Your Mood

You often hear people say “I’m hungry but I don’t know what I’m in the mood for.” As humans, we have the ability to create variety in the things we consume, and it’s awesome! Believe it or not, our mood can affect the type of food that sounds good to us. Horton’s...

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Why Horton’s Pizza Is Better Than The Rest

Pizza is an American staple within the food industry. While there are multiple versions and takes on these pies, not everyone succeeds at making it with perfection. Through many years of experience and dedication to the craft, Horton’s Pizza Plus has perfected their...

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Horton’s Best Pizza Dough Recipe

Everybody loves ordering Horton’s Pizza, but for the nights when you’re feeling fancy and want to do it yourself, read on for the best pizza crust recipe. Seriously, it’s so good you’ll think you ordered Horton’s pizza—almost. Most homemade pizza recipes call for a...

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Why Everybody Loves Pizza So Much, Backed by Science

Admit it: at some point in your life (maybe now) pizza has been your favorite food. From late night binging to next morning leftovers, pizza really offers all you could want in a food, and sometimes we just crave it. But what is it about pizza that makes people write...

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